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The Beat Lab is an innovative, fun and inspirational place to learn drums. Students who learn drumming at The Beat Lab will gain confidence, patience, heightened physical strength and a great passion for this wonderfully physical, rhythmic and melodic (yes you read it!) instrument.

The Beat Lab was created by drummer Sally Wiggins as a place where students can come and feel comfortable on their journey to becoming an advanced, knowledgeable and versatile drummer. Sally has been performing on drum kit for over 18 years and has been teaching professionally in the Wollongong Region and beyond for over 12 years. All assistant tutors have regular communication with Sally and the team works hard together to make sure to always deliver a reliable service.

Sally always strives to provide quality tuition in a professional environment, carefully catering to each individual student. Learning music can be challenging as it requires patience, dedication and persistence. All students begin their drumming journey with unique goals in mind and we take the time to help guide each individual in the direction they wish to go.

We accept students of all levels from age 8 and above. Adults are welcome.

Dave Helman reviewed The Beat Lab5 star. January 11 ·

Sal is a committed musician dedicated to the art of drumming…a great place to learn drums at any level!

After 6 years of trialing The Beat Lab syllabus, we have discovered that it is best suited to students on or over the age of 8 years. Perhaps in the near future, upon a possible expansion of the studio, we could implement a program more suited to younger aged students. But unfortunately, we do not currently have the facility or availability for this service.

“Ashton is really enjoying his lessons and loves demonstrating his skills to everyone at home. Thank you for keeping his enthusiasm going”

-Heather L.

Students are encouraged and inspired to showcase their talents at the annual Beat Lab Concert. For this concert Sally and the other tutors will help students to prepare an item of their choice and style to perform to family and friends at the showcase.

“Hi Sally,

Congratulations on your HUGE effort today. Your students were all so happy to perform – well prepared and supported by you. Each and every one of them looked so good up there today and your selection of repertoire was spot on!

I hope all of your “drum families” are as appreciative as we are. You thoroughly deserve it. All of the extra little details you cover to make these kids feel special…..you are the perfect teacher!

Our family greatly values the work you do for our Madi and all of the other children in your care.”

– Jenna Hogan

Costs vary slightly depending on the tutors age, qualifications, level of experience and demand for availability. For all lesson costs and tutor information see:

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Please inquire through our contact form below for further details, phone us on 42 431 351 or send an email to: sally@thebeatlab.com.au.

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Students Performing

Students Performing

Students Performing

Students Performing

Students Performing

Students Performing

Good Rapport Between Teachers and Students

Good Rapport Between Teachers and Students