Buying A Drum Kit?

Buying a drum kit can be a difficult task. The main questions to ask yourself are:

What is my budget?

How much noise can I make in my house?

How much room do I have in my house?

Will I (or the student) be planning on playing in a band and performing within the next few years?

I asked you to ask yourself these questions in order to help you decide whether you should be looking at purchasing an electric drum kit or an acoustic one.

There are pros and cons for each option.

An electric drum kit will take up less space in your home, and you can of course plug headphones into it to avoid bothering others in your house or neighbourhood. I recommend that you only buy electronic drum kits new. This way you can make sure that it has a warranty, because electronics can be quite unpredictable. Electronic drum kits are great for practice,because you can practice as long and as late as you like.

The acoustic drum kit is the “real deal”. There is no better feeling than to play an acoustic drum kit and no entry level electronic drum kit will ever feel like an acoustic kit. There are certain techniques that you can master on the acoustic kit that are very difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve on an electronic drum kit. Yes, acoustic kits are bigger and louder, but you can get “silencer” pads for the acoustic drum kit that significantly reduce the sound volume. The acoustic drum kit is what you will use in bands or ensembles, so if you are planning to join one of those in the next few years than I advice you spend your money on an acoustic kit now. There are many second hand acoustic drum kits available online (see Gumtree or Ebay Australia) that are affordable and reliable, but try and stick to known brands. Refer to the list below as a guide for brands that you can generally rely on. Also, make sure that the drums are not too old, as hardware can get rusty over time, most hardware is replaceable but it could require a bit of work.

Brands I recommend for electronic drum sets:

Yamaha and Roland are always reliable, however, there are always new brands popping up. Do your research and always read user reviews.

Brands I recommend for acoustic drum sets:

Pearl, Yamaha, Gretsch, Ludwig, DW, Mapex, Tama, Sonor, Premier (hard to get and hardware is now difficult to replace).

Enjoy your search!

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Acoustic Drum Kit

Acoustic Drum Kit

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