Helpful Info: Looking After Your Ears

As well as being one of the most FUN instruments to play, drumming is also probably one of the loudest and most damaging for your ears if you do not look after them! Below is some important advice to keep in mind when practicing and playing your drums.

Electronic Drum Kits –

When practicing on your electronic drum kit it is most important that you do not have the volume too loud in your ears. This is something that you should also keep in mind when listening to other devices through headphones such as ipods for example.

Acoustic Drum Kits –

You may notice that the drum sets at The Beat Lab have sheet material under all of the skins of the drums. This is a great trick that cuts out a lot of the loud ring that you get from the drum set. To do this you must take off your drum skins using a ‘drum key’ lay a piece of old sheet (cut to size) over the drum then place the skin back on the drum with the metal ring. There should be some sheet visible all around the drum so that it does not fall into the drum. The sheet should pull tight as you screw the skin back on. If the sheet is not fit tightly it may not have the same effect.

Another option is to buy silencer pads available from any music store or the internet if you prefer. They are priced at around $100 a set. Make sure that you measure the diameter of each of your drums before purchasing, as some drum sizes vary depending on the drum set.

I also recommend pads for the cymbals as it is the high frequency of the cymbals that can be the most damaging to your ears.

I think that it is so important to muffle your drum kit in any household when practicing. If you choose not to do this than try to make a point of wearing ear muffs or ear plugs. Ear plugs are available from any chemist or in bulk from stores such as Bunnings. It is also important to wear your earplugs when playing with an amplified band. Generally in school bands and acoustic bands it is ok to go without earplugs if you are only rehearsing once or twice a week, but when and if you start playing or rehearsing regularly with a loud amplified band it is so important to wear your ear plugs.

So while you have fun on the drums always remember to look after your ears!


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